About us


         The company "Hesora" ir Ko started to trade in Panevėžys on 18 August 1998. A secondary firm, "Dekorika", was begun on 2 April 2007.

         The principal activity of these companies is wholesale trading in curtain rods, roller shades, aluminium profile systems and various sets of accessories for curtains. The second direction of the companies is trading in building materials & finishes.

         "Hesora" ir Ko engages in wholesale trading in the Republic of Lithuania; whereas "Dekorika" is an export company, doing business in the Baltic region, and also the European Union countries and Russia.

         Our companies collaborate with shopping centres, curtain salons, designers and other trading firms in Lithuania and European Union countries.

         A list of principal partners who represent our companies and sell our products can be found in the section PARTNERIAI >ПАРТНЕРЫ >< PARTNERS >.

         Our companies employ the very best specialists in their fields, they are able to offer you merchandise that is of high quality and meets Lithuanian and European Union requirements.

         We are innovative, constantly updating and adding to the catalogue of goods we offer. A list of the goods we offer can be found in the section PRODUKTŲ KATALOGAS >< ПРОДУКТЫ >< PRODUCT >. 

         The contact details of our companies can be found in the section KONTAKTAI >, < КОНТАКТЫ >CONTACT > or you can write your questions where the link is in that section that says UŽKLAUSOMS >< ДЛЯ ЗАПРОСОВ >< QUERYING > and we will gladly deal with your questions.